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Practice Areas

Amarillo business attorney Vicki Wilmarth believes that the advice of an experienced employment lawyer, along with well-drafted policies, thoughtful decisions and accurate documentation will help employers avoid most employment law headaches.
Employment Law (Employer Side Only)

Vicki advises employers on personnel policies and employment handbooks. She also drafts employment contracts. She helps employers decide who should be considered an "exempt employee" and who has to be paid by the hour. She also provides advice on hiring, compensation, discipline, and firing of employees. 


Vicki also defends employers who have been accused of discrimination, overtime violations, unemployment claims, workers’ compensation retaliation, and whistleblower laws. 

Vicki also helps corporations, non-profits and small businesses with drafting and negotiating contracts with employees, independent contractors and subcontractors.


An understanding of business, combined with a thorough knowledge of the employment laws, makes Vicki Wilmarth an invaluable part of your company's operations.

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