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About Vicki

Vicki is an employment lawyer in Amarillo, Texas, with the firm of Wright Wilmarth Byrd, PLLC, who has been advising and defending Texas businesses for more than 30 years.


One thing Vicki has learned in her years of law practice is that business owners and managers don’t have time to keep up with all the new developments in employment law. They also don’t have the patience to read through a bunch of legal cites and jargon. They just want to know what they can and can’t do legally in managing their businesses and employees. Delivering that clear and concise information to companies is Vicki’s goal in her law practice. 


For 12 years, Vicki wrote a monthly column for the Amarillo Globe News and now writes an online blog called "The Employer's Advocate."


Vicki is married to Rohn Butterfield and has an wonderful adult son, Hart Wilmarth. In their free time, Rohn and Vicki like to go camping. Their bucket list is to visit all of America's National Parks. Vicki's hobbies are birding and nature photography. You can read more about her birding adventures and see her photos on her birding website:

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